PDF to SWF Command Line

PDF to SWF Command Line is is a windows console utility that can convert any Adobe PDF document into a Macromedia Flash (SWF) movie while preserving the original layout, image graphics and formatting. PDF to SWF Command Line is a standalone program. It does not need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. A trial version for PDF to SWF Command Line is NOT available, but you can download the free GUI version here.

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Usage of Command Line

LPCLI Input Output [Options]

 -h -help help	show help
 -i	input pdf file name
 -o	output file name
 -op	owner password
 -up	user password
 -s	start page index
		defalut = 1
 -e	end page index
		default = total page
 -r	resolution value (DPI)
		default = 150
		max = 1000
		min = 72
 -q	image quality
		default = 90
		max = 100
		min = 25
 -ps	page stop option
 		default = 0
		0 is no stop
		1 is stop
 -el	enable links option
		default = 1
		0 is disable
		1 is enable
 lpcli -i c:\1.pdf -o c:\2.swf

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